MoDDD in Geneva with UNHCR and UNISD

Esther Brett Moore Sept newsletter
Esther with Brett Moore
As part of an ongoing MoDDD partnership with UNHCR and UNISDR, Esther and Judy Lawry held three workshops in Geneva last week.

The workshops were held as part of Esther’s forthcoming ARC 2017 Laureate application and the ECP grant that she and Judy Lawry obtained: “Building a research network in the global humanitarian shelter and public health sectors”. The development of such ongoing industry partnerships with key humanitarian agencies is critical for MoDDD.

– Special thanks to Brett Moore, Head of Shelter and Settlements UNHCR for hosting us during such a busy time.

Judy Lawry
Dr Judy Lawry, MoDDD co-lecturer in disaster communication discussing changes to the next UNISDR Global Assessment Report with Rhea Katsananakis, Programme management Officer at UNISDR, Geneva